Welcome aboard, Alex and Dan!

Folks may get the idea that I need to get help. Well, I have.

Alex Granados is coming on as associate editor. He’ll be doing some fiction editing, handling the rewrite process, copy editing, and, when I get things sorted out enough to even be able to get help on that front, reading story submissions. His background is, like mine, in the newspaper world, and I’ve been so very fortunate to run into him.

Dan Campbell is coming on as the new Bull Spec poetry editor. He’ll be handling the poetry page(s) up until layout, so he’ll be reading submissions, evaluating them, editing them, and then sending me poems to publish. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about his enthusiasm for this.

So: cheers! Welcome aboard, I hope I don’t lead us into the rocks, but it’s good to have a few folks on lookout and manning the sails.

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  1. Dan Campbell says:

    Thank you, Sam! I'm very happy to be helping Bull Spec become even more of a success. I look forward to Bull Spec finding a home in the hearts of readers who love story, speculation, fun, depth, and the joys of well-written words – whether the soul of the work is glad, sad, mad, or exultant. I also look forward to helping pick the poems that inspire others to wit and wisdom, play and laughter, tears of grief, solace in surrender, the fulfillment of hope – and on, through the whole of human experience.My background, for those interested, is that of an occasionally published poet – never for payment (other than copies). I succeeded in getting into the MFA program at Emerson back in '97/'98, but chose not to go so I could stay home with my wife and soon-to-be-born first daughter. With a few exceptions, I didn't write poetry in the intervening decade – and certainly no fiction.But reading Bull Spec #1 got me inspired again – on the order of 20,000 words in about four weeks. Going to the Bull Spec #2 launch party inspired me to write a short story, now in progress. When I saw Sam's request for a poetry editor, I happily volunteered. And yes, I'm very much enjoying the poetry submissions!For me, Bull Spec is a godsend. May it inspire you as well, every time you read it.

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