Further afield. Some things beginning to unwrap.

So: making a bit of a regional and further push as I put the wraps on issue #2. (Which includes another box, though I have to decide how many.) A lot (lot!) of the regional pushes (Acme Comics in Greensboro, Barnes & Noble of Burlington, Black Bear Books of Boone, etc.) are pending, but a few further afield places are giving me a shot.

CHICAGO: Quimby’s Bookstore will take anything, so I’m not special. But it was nice to get an e-mail receipt from them, so I know they’ve received the books. So, my fine Chicago friends, give me a stock check, will you? (And see if you can resist that cover for #2, eh?)

PORTLAND: Powell’s took a look at an evaluation copy, and I doubt they’ve received their shipment yet. But maybe tomorrow. So, my fine Portland friends, give me a stock check, will you?

And I’m still looking for places in Charlotte and Wilmington to be willing to even take a look at an evaluation copy. If you’ve got ideas, let me know!

And something which has been a bit under wraps for a bit is starting to leak out, so I’ll go ahead and put it out there. Soon I’ll be making a bit of a push for benefactors, patrons, etc. There have been more than a few folks who have been incredible with their support, not just in terms of money for printing copies and buying words, but deliveries, flyering, time, etc. So I’m going to recognize a few of them, and shamelessly invite more folks to join in on that side of things. (Particularly since I’m burning through the last of the convention sales to print that last box of #2.)

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