Quick acceptances round-up.

It’s been way too long since I last talked acceptances, so:

  • Raleigh’s Dale Mettam, “We Don’t Do Quests”. Humorous fantasy. 3000 words.
  • Amber Sistla, “Fadeout”. Near future science fiction. 2500 words.
  • Charlottesville, VA’s Don Norum. “A Mathematician’s Apology”. Science fiction. 1700 words. (Issue #4 content.)
  • Tiny Connolly, “Selling Home”. Post-apoc science fiction. 5000 words.
  • Winston-Salem’s Stuart Jaffe, “Perchance”. Modern fantasy. 3000 words.
  • Elizabeth Creith. “Here Be Dragons”. Post-apoc science fiction. 3300 words.
  • Kenneth Schneyer. “Less Than Absent”. Science fiction. 1000 words.
  • Durham’s Rebecca Gomez Farrell. “Bother”. Near-future science fantasy? 4000 words. (Issue #5 content?)
  • Tim Pratt. “Hell’s Lottery”. Modern dark fantasy. 3100 words. (Issue #5 content.)
  • Durham’s Andrew Magowan. Near future science fiction. 5000 words. (Issue #4 content.)
  • D.K. Thompson. “The Gearaffe That Didn’t Tick”. Science fiction. 3000 words.
  • Hillsborough’s M. David Blake. “Absinthe Fish”. Surreal/bizarre/something. 1500 words. (Issue #5 content?)
  • Jason Erik Lundberg. “Complications of the Flesh”. Hard to classify. 4000 words.
  • James Maxey. “Tornado of Sparks”. Science fantasy? A “Dragon Age” story originally published in The Solaris Book of New Fantasy. 5600 words. (Issue #4 content.)

Previously accepted issue #4 content:

  • David Tallerman. “The Burning Room”. Fantasy. 4000 words.
  • Nick Mamatas. “O, Harvard Square!”. Hard to classify. 3100 words.
  • Erin Hoffman. “City of Shadow and Glass”. Science fiction. 675 words.
Hope you enjoy! Now back to other things. Like figuring out what I’m going to say tomorrow

3 Comments on “Quick acceptances round-up.”

  1. melissajm says:

    Congratulations to everyone listed!

  2. ken-schneyer says:

    Er, that's great news, Sam, but I don't think you've e-mailed me to let me know the story was accepted!Cheers,Ken

  3. montsamu says:

    Yipes! I guess I have it filed mentally as "accepted, tinkering on some final optional edits". Let's make it more formal, certainly!

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