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Not quite a year later… video for the John Kessel interview.

Filmed on 25 March 2010 and printed in Bull Spec #2, the video is finally posted. Enjoy: [youtube]

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Looking for a few good people.

So. Thanks to Dan’s excellent job of completely taking over poetry, and Melinda’s amazing job of completely taking over advertising, I’ve had a few moments to actually think about what else needs doing around here. While that list is long, … Continue reading

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Bull Spec Teen Writing Contest judged by Ann VanderMeer!

“Imagine two vast armies separated by a plain. Gryphons. Dragons. Mech walkers. Knights. Wizards. Rows of muskets. Rows of laser rifles. Rows of cannons. Velociraptors. Robots. Chariots. Hovercraft. Between these armies stand two teens. Siblings. A brother and sister. They … Continue reading

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A nice review of Bull Spec #3 in Mark Watson’s Best SF.

Mark Watson recently reviewed Bull Spec #3 in Best SF and had some nice things to say, along with introducing me to some British zine terminology like “sides” rather than the pedestrian “pages”, and says, “There’s a lot in the … Continue reading

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A great article on the first year of Bull Spec in today’s Independent Weekly.

The Independent Weekly’s Brian Howe has a very nice article in this week’s issue, which is free to pick up all over the Triangle. Somehow he turned 90 minutes of rambling, disorganized nonsense into a no-nonsense article which hits on … Continue reading

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Hugo pandering, part two: local focus.

In part one, I ran down the stories and writers published in Bull Spec this year which are therefore eligible for the appropriate Hugo (and Nebula!) award categories. In part three, I’ll take a look at the wider world of stories … Continue reading

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Hugo nominations are now open! And now, some pandering, part one.

The nomination period for the 2011 Hugo Awards is open. Folks who either were members (attending or supporting) of Aussiecon last year, or who are members (attending or supporting, and there’s still plenty of time to sign up for either!) … Continue reading

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