The StellarCon typewriter pages.

To draw attention to the Durham Literacy Center, Bull Spec maintained a typewriter (an old, cantankerous, weighty old Underwood) in the hallway at StellarCon and invited people to type on it, to feel the power of writing and think about those who cannot read. Well, over the course of 3 legal-size blank sheets, some typing was done:

Page one:

Page two:

Page three:

Of course the last page somebody gets a little vulgar, but that’s what happens when you leave a typewriter in a public place. For the most part, people enjoyed it. The typewriter ended up a little worse for the wear, with a good new crack:

But overall it was a fun thing to do. I would have liked to have it at the table with me, but we ended up with a smaller space (and more stuff) than I’d expected. I hope to make this a bit of a tradition going forward as one of the things Bull Spec does — along with the rice crispy treats at the issue launches, of course!

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