While this isn’t the contest news some are waiting for: a new mini-contest!

I’m not the only one who has been amused by John Scalzi’s blurb for Sam Sykes just released book BLACK HALO. The blurb reads: “I do not wish Sam Sykes Dead.” High praise, indeed! Still, it leaves me wanting more. So: a weeklong mini-contest!

HOW TO ENTER AND WHAT: Either comment here, on the relevant post on Bull Spec’s Facebook Page, or reply to the relevant tweet from @bullspec on Twitter, with an even better backhanded evil blurb than Scalzi’s. OK, I know, that’s impossible. Just do the best you can. The winner will receive — well, it makes sense, doesn’t it — a copy of BLACK HALO. (The one pictured below to be precise. Only with less camera flash reflecting off of it.)

ELIGIBILITY: The book will be sent only to folks who can receive USPS media or flate rate (US postage) mail. So: US (yes, Hawaii and Alaska), US territories, etc. If you’re outside this area please do enter anyway, because, well, it’s fun and you might still win. I’ll just only be able to send the book to the US mailing address of your choice. Hey. Worldwide postage ain’t free.

DEADLINE: I’ll round up the submissions next Friday, April 1. I can totally see the winning entries sounding like April Fool’s jokes already…

UPDATE: Winner is posted here.

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14 Responses to While this isn’t the contest news some are waiting for: a new mini-contest!

  1. steveburnett says:

    For writing Black Halo, Sam Sykes should not immediately be helping the police with their inquiries.

  2. "Sam Sykes Shrugged"Who the hell is Sam Sykes??

  3. Neth says:

    "Black Halo probably couldn't have been written better by his mother"[note, I have a copy of the book, so I don't need to win the prize – if I'm determeined to be first place, give the book to second]

  4. BigFatLion says:

    Black Halo – almost as good as swinging a seven pound hammer.

  5. --Francis says:

    The bright side is that you'll only catch HIV from Sam Sykes once.

  6. Matt says:

    At least he writes better than the last lot that had SS as their initials!

  7. mishellbaker says:

    "Sam Sykes has written another book, and I couldn't be more excited. I tried, believe me."

  8. Noobling says:

    "I will not use this book as a doorstop." Yikes, this is hard, but thanks for the contest!

  9. Lela Gwenn says:

    If Sam Sykes is half as clever as he thinks he is, or twice as clever as I think he is…he's about average.

  10. Jared says:

    "Sam Sykes is no Patrick Rothfuss."

  11. Sam Sykes may look like a simple, savage neanderthal, but he's really just a brutal, savage neanderthal trying to desecrate the bright, shining realms of our beloved fantasy genre. By all means, If you like maulings, killings. and brutal characters who think evil thoughts about their supposed friends, go ahead, make his day.

  12. Jared says:

    "Probably not the book you'd expect from the cover art."

  13. S.M.D. says:

    Well, it's definitely not something you'd let your grandma read…

  14. montsamu says:

    Thanks for all the entries, I particularly liked Jared's "Probably not the book you'd expect from the cover art." A lot. But I went with another entry in the end:http://bullspec.blogspot.com/2011/04/whew-announcements-plenty-go-go.htmlThanks again, I do hope to have more giveaways in future. -Sam

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