Spec Poetry News: The Moment of Change

Rose Lemberg has announced the Table of Contents for The Moment of Change: An Anthology of Feminist Speculative Poetry, and it will include three poems and three poets who appeared (or soon will appear) in Bull Spec!

Athena Andreadis’ poem “Spacetime Geodesics” was in the most recent Bull Spec, issue 6, while “Night Patrol” is forthcoming in issue 7.
Sofia Samatar’s “The Year of Disasters” will appear in issue 8.
Lisa Bradley’s poems in The Moment of Change, “The Haunted Girl” and “In Defiance Of Sleek-Armed Androids” were originally published, respectively, in Goblin Fruit and Fantastique Unfettered. But two other poems of hers appeared in Bull Spec issues 4 and 5.
I am terribly impatient to read The Moment of Change (it will be out next year). The selection of poets looks fantastic!
Congratulations and many thanks to Rose Lemberg and all of the writers whose work makes up The Moment of Change!

2 Comments on “Spec Poetry News: The Moment of Change”

  1. montsamu says:

    Great news! Thanks Dan.

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