Holy slush progress, Batman!

Thanks to the efforts of new associate fiction editors, a.k.a. “slushreaders”, JM McDermott and Brenda Kalt, under “senior associate fiction editor” Sarah Rogers who has been pushing the boulder up the hill by herself for a good while now, there’s been an amazing uptick in reading submissions. And now, even better: I finally figured out how to easily get all of the submissions slowly languishing in my old submissions inbox moved to their shared story reading inbox — meaning, hopefully, these 100+ day old stories will actually get read very soon.

2 Comments on “Holy slush progress, Batman!”

  1. kaolin fire says:

    Whoo! =) And cool to see JM McDermott added to the masthead :D

  2. NewGuyDave says:

    Good help is hard to find. Glad to see you've a solid team in place. *crosses fingers* ;-)

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