New local event announcement: Epic fantasy author Steven Erikson to visit Flyleaf Books.

It never really fails that as soon as I get a new flyer put together, and some copies printed, a new event comes along. Well, no surprise, as the author of the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, Steven Erikson, is coming to Flyleaf Books on Monday, September 24, to read and sign the first novel in a new fantasy trilogy set in the same world. That book is Forge of Darkness:

The Forge of Darkness introduces readers to Kurald Galain, the warren of Darkness, and tells an epic tale of a realm whose fate plays a crucial role in shaping the world of the Malazan Empire.  It’s a conflicted time in Kurald Galain, the realm of Darkness, where Mother Dark reigns. But this ancient land was once home to many a power… and even death is not quite eternal. The commoners’ great hero, Vatha Urusander, is being promoted by his followers to take Mother Dark’s hand in marriage, but her Consort, Lord Draconus, stands in the way of such ambitions.”

Well, on the positive side, I haven’t sent out the July newsletter yet. On that front, I’m still working out the details for a writers-oriented event on the evening of Saturday, August 4, preceding the Sunday August 5 event at Flyleaf Books with TC McCarthy and Michael J. Sullivan. Stay tuned…

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