Friday Quick Updates: Events and New Books

It’s a very packed weekend in terms of events, so let’s get to those first:

Meanwhile this week also saw two new local author ebook releases:

  • Stellarnet Prince by J.L. Hilton (Carina Press, Nov 12) — Go go Jen! Kind of hard to believe but this is the second book where I’ve somehow been snuck onto the acknowledgement pages. Book one (Stellarnet Rebel) was a good mix of space sf, video games, blogger journalism, and alien cultures. The ebook was out Monday, and the audiobook was released Tuesday. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s happened with Genny, Duin, and Belloc.
  • The Collected Kessel by John Kessel (Baen, Nov 15) — Along with new DRM-free ebook editions of John’s novels, here is a new collection of forty-two of his short stories, novelettes, and novellas, with all-new story notes. As I mentioned yesterday, the story notes have been fascinating to read, and there are quite a few stories I haven’t seen reprinted before, across the more than three decades (so far, I say!) of a great American author’s career. Here’s where he’s been and a bit on how he got there, and why.

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