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The Hardest Part: James Maxey on Witchbreaker

I said about all I can say so far about Hillsborough, NC author James Maxey’s latest novel, Witchbreaker, in my write-up for the book’s Christmas Day release. Luckily for us, Maxey has a bit more to say about its writing. … Continue reading

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Release day: Witchbreaker by James Maxey

James Maxey‘s Dragon Apocalypse series has been a lot of fun so far — and yet every time I say that I feel remiss in focusing on the fun, and not enough on how creative these books are. Shapeshifters, incredible … Continue reading

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What to Do With That Gift Card, Part 1: Fantasy Reads for 2012

Here are some suggestions for what to spend your holiday gift cards on if you are a fantasy reader. First, a couple of caveats: in order to pare down number of books we need to cover, we the reviewers are … Continue reading

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The Exploding Spaceship’s 2012 Guide for Family Reading

We get asked by many families at conventions if we have any recommendations for families to read together, so here are some suggestions from among the middle-grade and teen books released this year.  For the middle grades, Rick Riordan books … Continue reading

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Tonight! “Winter Tales” in Hillsborough!

This evening (Thursday, Dec 13) at 6 pm the Orange County Main Library in downtown Hillsborough will host the storytelling event of the winter season, “Winter Tales” [Facebook], featuring original stories, poetry, and songs composed for the event by five … Continue reading

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Raise money for the SFWA medical fund, send John Kessel to watch “The Hobbit”

Nebula Award winning author and NCSU professor John Kessel, who grew up enjoying picking up L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz books as they were published at the beginning of the last century and was of an, er, “advanced” age by the … Continue reading

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The Exploding Spaceship: Reviews of Fire Season and Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance

The Exploding Spaceship by Gerald and Angela Blackwell: Reviews of Fire Season and Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance Fire Season: A Star Kingdom Novel by David Weber and Jane Lindskold (hardcover release Oct 2012 Baen Books, ebook available at Fire Season is the sequel … Continue reading

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The Negative Zone #006: Literary Science Fiction Smackdown

The NEGATIVE ZONE #006: LITERARY SCIENCE FICTION SMACKDOWN by Andrew Neal Okay, okay, it’s not really a smackdown, but I thought that sounded better than “Reviews of a couple of books that are sort of thematically similar but also really … Continue reading

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