Last call for advertisements for Bull Spec #8

Well, well. It’s that time again, time to really really really print an issue and of course one of the last things I get to in this not-enough-time-to-get-to-things process is chasing down advertisements. I don’t think I’ve officially sold anything, though we do have a couple of last-minute confirmations. Anyway, here’s what’s for sale:

FULL COLOR in both PRINT and PDF editions:

  • Back Cover: $250
  • Inside front cover (opposite table of contents): $150
  • Inside back cover (opposite editorial): $125 — NOTE: SOLD


  • Full page: $75
  • Half/partial page: $50

Some technical details:

  • Please provide minimum 240 DPI, 300 DPI preferred, for final art
  • Full page dimensions are 8.5″ x 10.875″, with 0.125″ bleeds all around — also, do not use important text or line art in 0.125″ margins
  • Half/partial pages can come in about whatever size and shape you want, we’ll work with it

Contact: — thanks! The next issue #9 is set for late May / early June.

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