Bull Spec “alumni” news

I’m always keeping tabs on the authors and poets and critics and artists I’ve been lucky enough to have published along the way so far, so here’s four bits of Bull Spec “Alumni” news:

  1. C.S. Fuqua (“Rise Up”, Bull Spec #1) interviewed by Nerine Dorman on “This is my World”
  2. Sofia Samatar (“The Year of Disasters”, Bull Spec #7) has a new book just out, A Stranger in Olondria (Small Beer Press); she recently wrote an essay about the Big Idea behind her novel
  3. Author James Maxey (“Tornado of Sparks”, Bull Spec #4) and narrator Dave Thompson (“The Gearaffe Who Didn’t Tick”, Bull Spec #7) offer an excerpt of the audiobook for Bitterwood on Gail Z. Martin’s (interviewee, Bull Spec #5) Ghost in the Machine Podcast
  4. Lavie Tidhar (“The Story of Listener and Yu-En”, Bull Spec #3) a new novella, Martian Sands, forthcoming from PS Publishing
  5. Mur Lafferty’s (review, Bull Spec #6) forthcoming novel The Shambling Guide to New York City (Orbit) was just named to Publisher’s Press’ Best Summer Books of 2013
  6. Athena Andreadis (“Spacetime Geodesics”, Bull Spec #6) — co-editor with Kay Holt of the forthcoming anthology The Other Half of the Sky (Candlemark & Gleam, April 23)

Whew! And there’s more going on than this, but that’s what I have for now.

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