The Exploding Spaceship Reviews Blood Trade by Faith Hunter


Blood Trade (Roc, April 2, 2013) is the newest novel by Faith Hunter. It is the sixth novel featuring skinwalker Jane Yellowrock.

In this volume Jane and her work companions, the Younger brothers, return to Natchez, Mississippi. There is a Naturaleza vampire problem there again, and some friends from Jane’s past appear on the scene to cause additional complications.

The love triangle of Rick, Jane and Bruiser heats up when both guys are called in to assist on the case. Jane’s relationship with Evan, Angelina, and Molly moves slightly toward normal in this volume, so  hopefully we will soon see them returning as regular supporting cast members.

Change also comes to the relationship between Jane and Beast as Jane starts to understand herself better. Jane’s skinwalker nature is revealed to some of her supporting cast so this changes their relationships and could lead to some interesting developments later.

The supporting characters all really shine in this volume with Eli, Alex, Rick, Bruiser, and Soul all having moments alone with Jane to tell her (and the reader) more about themselves. Jane continues to grow as a character, starting to learn more about her past and settling some issues from her time in the children’s home.

As usual for Faith’s books, this one moves quickly, with lots of action and weapon-play which results in many permanently dead vampires. This urban fantasy has just enough romance to be intriguing and enough weapons and fighting to satisfy action fans. Gun-loving guys, if you thought urban fantasy wasn’t for you, then you haven’t met Jane Yellowrock.

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8 Responses to The Exploding Spaceship Reviews Blood Trade by Faith Hunter

  1. montsamu says:

    I really need to start this series, don’t I?

    • angelablackwell says:

      Yes, you do. Particularly if you are going to Concarolinas because Faith will be there.

  2. squee1313 says:

    I gave up on this series after the 3rd book. I thought the way Jane ended up riding off into the sunset with Rick was a bit contrived. I never felt much chemistry between them, especially not compared to her and Bruiser. Also, the way things went down in the second and third book, with Leo acting so b*tchy about the way Jane handled the psycho vampire. My friend who read the series, too, agreed with me that Leo should have been happy for Jane getting rid of his son’s murderer instead of having some kind of hissy fit. I liked Leo a lot as a character before that, but even with extreme grief as an excuse, I couldn’t see him deciding that Jane was ultimately at fault for his son’s death. Jane was the reason the mystery was solved and the true murderer found and killed. He should have praised her for bringing vengeance, not blame. I couldn’t read it any more after that. Maybe the later books got better again?

    • angelablackwell says:

      Things did get sorted out with Leo somewhat in the later books, but not really in the way Jane would have liked. Bruiser is free of Leo dependency now so it will be interesting to see what happens to their relationship. Beast really likes Rick so some of the behavior in regards to him is sort of out of Jane’s control sometimes. Beast scent marks him in this volume.

  3. MIchelle Botwinick says:

    There is definitely something unique about Jane/Beast and this world that Ms. Faith Hunter has built. My favorite “urban fantasy” series by far. Love your comment about guys liking Jane-I always read the passages describing Jane’s weapons out loud to my husband, which he enjoys immensely!

  4. quite an endorsement! thanks 🙂

  5. Jo says:

    Great review!
    I’ve been loving the Jane Yellowrock series. There are some situations that you might not like at the time, that then cause change and growth for both Jane and the series. Definitely a series worth continuing!

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