Another UK shipping sale!

Well, putting together a UK shipment with a local reshipper, and this time I’m going to give folks a bit more time to get in on things. Until Monday morning EST (Update: extended to Wednesday, August 4th!), UK folks can order Bull Spec #1 and/or Bull Spec #2 and select “US Shipping”. I’m not ready to commit to better subscription shipping rates yet, but I think I’m getting closer. (Sorry Australia, I haven’t strong armed a friend/acquaintance into being a reshipper there, yet.)

Also: shipping is marginally less expensive for issue #2 than issue #1 (fewer pages) but I haven’t been able to update what passes for the order system to figure that out. If that matters to you, when ordering issue #2 in print: US folks, take $0.15 off of what you might think is a good gratuity; Canada take $0.35; World take $0.85.


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