Bull Spec #7

Bull Spec #7 launched as part of both the NC Speculative Fiction Night series and the NC Science Fair on 15 April, 2012, at Sci-Fi Genre in Durham, NC.

Bull Spec #7 Cover: "Gearaffes" by Angi Shearstone based on D.K. Thompson's short story "The Gearaffe Who Didn't Tick", additional cover design by Jeremy Zerfoss

Bull Spec #7 Cover: “Gearaffes” by Angi Shearstone based on D.K. Thompson’s short story “The Gearaffe Who Didn’t Tick”, additional cover design by Jeremy Zerfoss

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BULL SPEC #7: $8

SAMPLE: As usual, over at Issuu for online viewing and download. (30 page subset.)

PDF: Weightless Books ($) and Wizard’s Tower Books (£)


  • Locus Online, by Lois Tilton — Of Jason K. Chapman’s “When Dreams Wake” she writes, “A fine story, with well-done imagery: RECOMMENDED.”
  • SFRevu, by Sam Tomaino — “Bull Spec is back after a long absence with issue #7, some nice stories and some more great stuff.Bull Spec is definitely worth subscribing to!
  • Tangent, by Kevin R. Tipple — “a very well-done magazine containing numerous interviews with various authors, various features, and plenty of book reviews.”

64 pages.

Contents: Final, but page numbers may still change:

Cover Art
Gearaffes Angi Shearstone
Additional Cover Design Jeremy Zerfoss
4 The Gearaffe Who Didn’t Tick D. K. Thompson
Illustrated by Angi Shearstone
8 Complications of the Flesh Jason Erik Lundberg
Illustrated by Jason Strutz
12 Inseperables’ War Stephanie Ricker
Illustrated by Jason Strutz
14 Fish Eyes Natania Barron
Illustrated by Brigid Ashwood
16 Friday Nite at the A&W J. P. Trostle
Illustrated by Gabriel Dunston
18 When Dreams Wake Jason K. Chapman
Illustrated by Indrapramit Das
22 The Fall Queen Alexandra Seidel; One Hundred Years in the
Wood Daniel A. Rabuzzi; Increments Lemuel Harik; A Fembot’s
Quantum Love Deborah Walker; Night Patrol Athena
Andreadis; Laurels Mari Ness
24 Letting Go Damon Shaw
26 The Year of Disasters Sofia Samatar
Graphic Short
28 The Long Lives of Heroes (part 3 of 4)
Jeremy Whitley and Jason Strutz
Interviews and Features
32 Into the Hinterlands David Drake and John
Lambshead = Interview by Jeremy L. C. Jones; Essays by Toni
Weisskopf, Mark L. Van Name, and John Lambshead
38 In Deep Vernor Vinge = Review and Interview by
Paul Kincaid
42 The Magister Trilogy C. S. Friedman = Review and
Interview by Dan Campbell
44 Circle Tide Rebecca K. Rowe = Review and
Interview by C. D. Covington
46 Panverse Three Dario Ciriello = Review
and Interview by Rich Horton
48 The Urban Uncanny Lauren Beukes =
Interview by Preston Grassmann
50 Experience is the Only Kind of
Story J. M. McDermott = Essay by John H. Stevens
54 X-Minus One = Article by Peter Wood
Illustrated by Gabriel Dunston
56 Happenings
58 Reviews
The Clockwork Rocket Greg Egan by Paul Kincaid; The
Goblin Corps Ari Marmell by Joseph Giddings; The Postmortal
Drew Magary by J. P. Wickwire; The Rift Walker Clay and
Susan Griffith by Natania Barron; Briarpatch Tim Pratt by
Dustin Monk; Mr. Fox Helen Oyeyemi by Larry Nolen; Osama
Lavie Tidhar by Paul Kincaid; The Great Big Beautiful
Tomorrow and Context Cory Doctorow by Nick Mamatas
64 Editorial = Are you listening?
Samuel Montgomery-Blinn

7 Action Lab Comics
17 Stellarnet Rebel
21 Night Shade Books
25 EVXP.com
27 Apex Publications
45 Discover Lit
BIC Brilliance Audio
BC Candlemark & Gleam

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