BULL SPEC #1 Launch Party: Tuesday 23 March at 7 PM at The Regulator Bookshop

You are (well, everybody is!) cordially/enthusiastically invited to the BULL SPEC #1 launch party on Tuesday the 23rd of March at 7 PM! The host will be Durham’s The Regulator Bookshop on 9th Street. (720 Ninth Street to be exact.) So come in, come downstairs, meet and greet some of the authors and other folks involved with not just the first issue but the rest of Bull Spec — translators, narrators, editors, helpers, etc.

No cost to attend (of course! that would be weird…) though, also of course, there will be copies of BULL SPEC #1 on hand. I’m hoping to have at least one of the local authors read from their story, along with a few other surprises. (We’re working on a giveaway item or two, nothing finalized yet so no promises.)

So: please! Please come and say hello, talk about writing, talk about editing and publishing, talk about reading, and help celebrate the end result of a few months of pretty darned hard work.

And if you are on Facebook, there’s an event page there, too.

3 Comments on “BULL SPEC #1 Launch Party: Tuesday 23 March at 7 PM at The Regulator Bookshop”

  1. That sounds like fun! If I were anywhere near Durham I would definitely attend.

  2. kaolin fire says:

    Any chance there would be a computer I could skype through? I'd love to do a remote reading :D

  3. montsamu says:

    I would love that, KF! But I don't think I can put the time into setting it up before next Tuesday. In time for issue #2… quite perhaps. Quite perhaps. And you'll have something more substantial to read then, anyway!

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