Mail troubles.

Due to ongoing issues receiving e-mail directed addresses (including missed submissions without any failure message to the recipient!), I’ve changed to a new mail host. There will likely be some transition period while different DNS servers update, and I apologize to folks who have been impacted by this. Hopefully it will be sorted out for the better as soon as possible.

9 Comments on “Mail troubles.”

  1. samuelmae says:

    Thanks for letting us know. Any idea over what time period these email issues have been going on?

  2. montsamu says:

    From 24 March: were some missed messages, which I can't truly complain about as I was using a free service, after all.

  3. samuelmae says:

    Ah, thanks. I really should pay more attention to twitter (i just have trouble convincing my brain it's not evil is all ;))

  4. SamuelMae, it IS evil. =grin=Congrats to Bull Spec; have a lovely party, and all luck with the email! Anne*—Asst. Editor, Electric Velocipede

  5. Can you tell me if you got the Prohibition Steampunk story I sent about a month ago?

  6. montsamu says:

    Yup, Lincoln, very sorry that I am so far behind in reading that I did not even acknowledge your submission before today. Now that the PDF version is finally online, I hope to get back into the swing of reading very soon.

  7. No big. And you definitely win the prize for quickest query response!

  8. Deirdre says:

    LOL–Well, now I found the e-mail address to NOT use for submissions! I guess it's progress of a sort.Am I missing the obvious or did I catch the website in the middle of an update?

  9. montsamu says:

    Hm… it's possible. The full guidelines (though a touch out of date) are still here: issue two gets out the door, I hope to finally revisit the guidelines and clean and trim them up.

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