Taking over the title for most in-depth review of Bull Spec #1: Frank Dutkiewicz.

I’d enjoyed Frank Dutkiewicz’s very detailed reviews of Writers of the Future XXIV and XXV, and asked him if he’d take a look at Bull Spec #1 and give me the same honest, critical feedback. Wow. He more than delivered, with in-depth analysis of each and every story, excerpt, illustration, interview, and review. I’ve got some work to do to keep the things he liked going and to try to address his points of criticism, but I’m very grateful that he went over the issue with such a fine-toothed comb and attention to detail and that the baboons (it’s meant to be endearing, really) over at Diabolical Plots have published it: Frank Dutkiewicz reviews Bull Spec #1. At 4000 words it definitely takes over the title for most in-depth review, so check it out!

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