Last minute call for advertisers for issue 7.

Well, this is pretty much a cut and paste job from a few months ago, but: Still haven’t sold the back cover ($250) or both front inside cover ($150) and back inside cover ($100) for issue 7. Full color, 8.5×11. Publication date November 8, on newsstands until late January. Final art due October 31. Contact for details. Previous back covers have included Pyr, Tor, Solaris, and ConTemporal. Also have black and white full page space at $50. Thanks! Front inside cover runs opposite the table of contents, back inside cover runs opposite editorial.

More info: full page is really 8.75 x 11.125, with outside 0.125 the bleed area, and the next 0.125 not a good spot for important text or line art (machine cut might cut into the trim).
And yes, there’s an advertiser copy. Two for the back cover spot.
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