Some local author publishing news…

A drive-by blogging, that’s what this is.

  • Eric Gregory’s had a second novelette published by John Joseph Adams’s excellent Lightspeed Magazine. Last January it was “The Harrowers”. Now it’s The Sympathy, accompanied by an illustration by Galen Dara, and narrated for their podcast by Heather Scott.
  • Mitch Ritchmond is a new name to me, and so this is his first mention here at the Bull Spec blog. Well, he’s just had a short story “Amsterdamned” published in Torn Realities from Post Mortem Press, an anthology which deals with Lovecraft’s themes of forbidden knowledge, where his story stands alongside ones from Clive Barker and JW Schnarr, among others. It’s available in print from IndieBound, B&N, and Amazon, which you can get to from the book’s Goodreads listing here as well as from Post Mortem Press’s online store, as well as in e-book form for the Nook, Kindle, and on Smashwords (which doesn’t show up on Goodreads).
  • Gray Rinehart’s latest story in Analog is in a closely forthcoming issue, on newsstands shortly — more plainly “The Song of Uullioll” is in the July/August issue of Analog Science Fiction & Fact. This on the heels of his short story “Sensitive, Compartmented” which appeared in the April/May issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine. Maybe you can still find this issue on a newsstand near you… I have been looking and not been able to find an Asimov’s in stock, and let me tell you — I have been to a lot of bookstores lately.


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