Local Author release day: James Maxey’s Hush, book 2 in The Dragon Apocalypse

Congratulations to Hillsborough author James Maxey, whose second fantasy series for Solaris Books has just doubled in size. Quickly on the heels of January’s Greatshadow is book 2 of The Dragon Apocalypse, Hush:

“The invulnerable, super-strong warrior Infidel has a secret: she’s lost her magical powers right at the moment when she needs them most. To keep a promise to a fallen friend, she must journey to the frozen wastelands of the north. Her quest leads her through the abstract realms of the Sea of Wine, where she uncovers a conspiracy that threatens all life. Hush, the primal dragon of cold, has formed an alliance with the ghost of a vengeful witch to murder Glorious, the dragon of the sun, plunging the world into an unending winter night. Without her magical strength, can Infidel possibly survive her battle with Hush? If she fails to save glorious, will the world see another morning?”

Via the Goodreads link here you can find it in your local IndieBound store, B&N, Powell’s, Amazon.com, etc. in both print and e-book. What better way to beat the heat this summer than with Hush, in which the eponymous primal dragon of cold, conspires to destroy the sun and plunge the world into ice? You may end up rooting for her…

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