First two submissions and updated guidelines.

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First two submissions and updated guidelines.

Posted on 2009-11-07 at 11:35 by montsamu

Thanks SO much to the first two submissions we received last night. One we’re still holding for consideration a little while longer, the other involved the hardest thing to do so far: reject a very, very good and fun story which just wasn’t right for one of our first two selections.

On that note we updated our guidelines with a little extra direction on content and we apologize for not being more clear from the beginning—it wasn’t until we were sitting with a good story at the edge of content we hope to publish if we ever get going, though perhaps it is not posting such stories that will prevent it, that a harder line started to form.

Again, we’re honored that two such fine stories made it our way last night, thanks very much to the two writers who noticed our “We’re Here!” sign and trusted us with their submissions.

And “looky here,” another submission rolled in this morning… thanks so much, folks!

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