Slight updates to guidelines. Status.

We’ve made some updates to our guidelines and wanted to briefly highlight them:

  1. Explanation of logarithmic word count share for anthologies;
  2. We will accept attachments of any kind (as long as we can read them!) in future submissions periods;
  3. We will accept two story submissions per author, per submissions period, to avoid a common occurrence this time around of having already accepted a story on one or the other side of the speculative fiction spectrums and not giving enough time for a follow-up submission;
  4. Capped the first advance payment (upon acceptance) at $50, with the remainder still payable at publication; this allows us greater flexibility in making selections further in advance of publication, and only effects stories longer than 2000 words.

Also, we’re very, very close to closing out this submissions period. You’ve overwhelmed us, to be honest, with great submissions and made our jobs more difficult than we dared to hope. We appreciate everyone’s patience so much as we’ve gotten started on this crazy journey.

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