Shipping. Blurbage. Submissions status. Or: "It's compressive, intelligent, and enlightening." And open!

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Shipping. Blurbage. Submissions status. Or: "It's compressive, intelligent, and enlightening." And open!

Posted on 2010-03-15 at 16:35 by montsamu

Well, I’ve printed a holiday greeting cards list number of shipping labels… but no UPS truck in sight. So a quick update on two topics.

Blurbage! From Tim Deal of Shroud Publishing, on my interview of D. Harlan Wilson:

“It’s compressive, intelligent, and enlightening.”
 That’s fun stuff right there. So, on to point number two:

Submissions status! I’ve been unofficially open since early February, and might as well just call it official. While the guidelines are a touch out of date (now that I’m printing physical magazines as well) they suffice for the most part, with perhaps a touch of extra guidance and hintery as to what I am looking for:
  • Local (somewhere around Durham, NC, US) short fiction, both original and reprint.
  • Poetry, both original and reprint.
  • For non-local short fiction, it needs to be on the shorter side, 1000-3000 words or so. I’ve committed to a great non-local story per issue through 2010, so if you want to know before late 2010 if I can pick up your story of 4000+ words, I’m probably not a great place to submit for that right now. That said… I’ll read pretty much anything you care to send.
  • Reviews and interviews and articles. Query on this, I have some things in mind I’d like to include reviews of, so if you’re open to suggestions, go ahead and ask. (editors at bullspec dot com)
  • Art and photography, both original and reprinted, and both stand alone and to accompany stories. For the latter, query with some sample art and we can talk.
  • Cover Art for Issue #2 is pretty high up on my list.
  • Looking way, way ahead: some pitches for 2011’s serialized graphic short story.

Whew. Still no UPS truck. Totally unfair. I have nearly every page for issue #2 accounted (or at least planned) for, but I’m going to let #1 have the spotlight a little longer. I do nearly desperately need a local fiction piece for issue #2, so if you’re local, say hello!

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