Another review! SFRevu's Sam Tomaino reviews BULL SPEC #1.

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Another review! SFRevu's Sam Tomaino reviews BULL SPEC #1.

Posted on 2010-05-04 at 15:55 by montsamu

In the May edition of his SFRevu column “Zines, Magazines, and Short Fiction Review” Sam Tomaino provides the most in-depth review so far of BULL SPEC #1.

Of C. S. Fuqua’s “Rise Up” he writes “This was a very good story and reminded me a bit of Manly Wade Wellman’s Silver John stories. I can think of no better praise than that.” Of Peter Wood’s “Almost a Good Day to Go Outside” he writes, “Wood shows some talent here and I hope he continues to hone his craft.” And he describes Natania Barron’s “Doctor Adderson’s Lens” as “[A]nother well-told story.”

While also providing some good constructive criticism (you can be sure I’ll do a better job of providing a “proper” table of contents for Issue #2!) the review ends with “I liked this new magazine quite a lot. Check these people out and give them your support.” Thanks, Sam! (Great name, that…)

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