Things which BULL SPEC needs to do:

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Things which BULL SPEC needs to do:

Posted on 2010-06-07 at 3:3 by montsamu

  1. To send issue #2 to the printers. (Soon.)
  2. See #1: finish edits on the reviews. Thank goodness interviews are locked and loaded, and final story edits are in my inbox! All art is locked in! Ads are almost locked in, one more to wait on. And:
  3. To figure out how to communicate to real publishers when I want to excerpt a local author’s novel. (See “#1: To send issue #2 to the printers” above.) I don’t grok fax machines very well.
  4. To get some story reading help. Seriously.
  5. To get the interviews video podcast going. (Stop-gap: going to chop them up into 10 minute increments for YouTube soon.)
  6. To get the story podcast going.
  7. To finish up the first benefit story and get it posted in its various incarnations.
  8. To add Amazon and Google payment options.
  9. To figure out how to cheaply accept debit and credit cards at conventions by August.
  10. To make the website not suck.
  11. Get some e-mail notification lists going; I’ve squandered a lot of visits from folks without giving them a way for me to let them know that another issue is coming simply and easily via e-mail.
  12. To update and test the website’s handling of issue #2 orders.
  13. To get an ePub version together for issue #1.
  14. See #4: to stop doing a disservice to the 300 stories in my unread pile and the handful of stories I have in my “hold” pile. These weigh on me night and day and in between, and it’s not how I would want to be treated. Making progress is good but I’ve got a pretty good mountain to climb, and spent tonight climbing it instead of working on #1…

This list is far from complete, but it’s a fair little list for the top N things on my mind tonight as I hit the sheets.

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