BULL SPEC #2 Launch Party: Wednesday 4 August at 7:30 PM at Quail Ridge Books

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BULL SPEC #2 Launch Party: Wednesday 4 August at 7:30 PM at Quail Ridge Books

Posted on 2010-07-08 at 18:46 by montsamu

The “summer issue” of Bull Spec is here! To celebrate making it to a second issue and to kick things off, we’re going to get together at Quail Ridge Books on Wednesday, August 4th at 7:30 PM for readings and discussion and perhaps even a bit of a roundtable “program.” Local story contributors Gwendolyn Clare and Paul Celmer will be there to give folks a taste of their stories in the issue; NCSU professor and award-winning author John Kessel might say a few words about speculative fiction or his recent stories and books; other local writers and contributors will be on hand, so far at least Natania Barron will reprise her role in issue #1’s launch party; and hopefully some of the “early arrivals” for ReConStructionSF will make it a darned fine evening for meeting and greeting writers and readers of speculative fiction in the Triangle area and beyond.

So come on out: once again, there will be snacks! And invite and bring your friends! We had a great time at Durham’s The Regulator Bookshop for issue #1, and with this one I’m dipping my toes out of county to spread the Bull Spec fun around a bit. Thanks very much to Rene and Nancy at Quail Ridge for their support and interest in hosting.

To help out: spread the word! Invite your friends to the Facebook event and maybe do a little flyering if you’re up for it. (UPDATE: new flyer.)

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