Another round of fun things.

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Another round of fun things.

Posted on 2010-07-22 at 23:37 by montsamu

First off: I know I have some queries to answer and stories to read. (I also have some stores to invoice and need to figure out how to deposit checks made out to “Bull Spec.” Those are good problems to have, though!) But here’s a quick 3-step of fun:

  1. The audio download for the WUNC “The State of Things” show on Bull Spec and local speculative fiction is available here. So if you missed it, check it out! It was fun, John Kessel was amazing, Richard Dansky had some great answers, and contributors Natania Barron and Paul Celmer wrote some excellent flash fiction for the show along with everybody adding some pretty interesting comments on writing along the way.
  2. I received confirmation that indeed there will be a Bull Spec dealer table at the upcoming ReConStruction/NASFiC convention in Raleigh, August 5-8. Also they just announced there is a Guest of Honor Dinner on the Thursday, which I shouldn’t mention as seats are limited and I haven’t booked yet, but hey, this post is for fun things and that should be fun.
  3. I posted a batch of photos having to do with receiving, mailing, and delivering Bull Spec #2. So, yeah, fun stuff.

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