Two days until the issue #2 party at Quail Ridge Books! (New Flyer.)

There’s a new new flyer to post around if folks are up for it. Just two days until the issue #2 party at Quail Ridge Books on Wednesday and there’s a few places I haven’t been able to get to:


  • NCSU campus
  • Hillsborough Street (done: Nice Price Books to Schoolkids Records) (need: Schoolkids down to the Morgan split)
  • Glenwood South
  • Moore Square
  • City Market
  • Cameron Village
  • Five Points
  • Downtown


  • Downtown
  • Brightleaf Square
  • Done: Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd (Guglhupf to University Drive)
  • Duke East Campus
  • Done: 9th Street (and Whole Foods, Mad Hatter)
  • Broad Street Cafe
  • Duke West Campus
  • Erwin Road

Chapel Hill:

  • S Elliott Road
  • Caffe Driade
  • UNC campus
  • Franklin Street (done: Carolina Brewing Company to Columbia) (need: Columbia up to Planetarium)
  • Done: Maple View Farms


  • Historic Downtown

Wake Forest:

  • Historic Downtown


  • Historic Downtown

So, yeah. A “few” places… post here and/or on the Facebook page if you think you’ll be able to help out, mainly it’s going to shop owners who have a place to post flyers and asking nicely if you can post something, or hitting the common flyer spaces and bulletin boards. And if you’re really, really in the mood to do this kind of thing, the current ReConStruction/NASFiC flyer is on their publications page, and that’s this Thursday to Sunday. I wish they had an updated flyer with per-day membership rates and so on, but we have what we have, and it’s “go time!” I’ll be picking a couple of routes out myself in lieu of lunches over the next couple of days, and I’ll try to keep folks posted on where I’m headed and what’s been covered in comments here.

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