BULL SPEC #3 has gone to the printers! (Pre-orders, anyone?)

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BULL SPEC #3 has gone to the printers! (Pre-orders, anyone?)

Posted on 2010-10-06 at 21:37 by montsamu

Whew. It’s been quite a ride, but Bull Spec #3 is now in the printer’s hands. That means:

Some notes of interest:

  • United Kingdom orders or subscriptions may select United States shipping! Yeah!
  • I’m working on Australia. Honest. Let me know how hard I should be working on that in the comments.
And just look at the cover, from local artist Jason Strutz!

So, what are you waiting for? Stories from Katherine Sparrow, Melinda Thielbar, Lavie Tidhar, David Steffen, and introducing Denali Hyatt; interviews/articles with David Drake (along with an excerpt of his novel The Legions of Fire, Joe Haldeman, Brandon Sanderson, William Gibson, Paul T. Riddell, and Firetower Studios’ Jeremy Whitley and Jason Strutz, and Tachyon Publications on turning 15; poetry from Deborah Walker, David Sklar, Rob Elkind, Matt Ronquillo, and Robert Laughlin; reviews; trilingual flash fiction (thank you, Gio Clairval!); “Happenings”; and, of course, Mike Gallagher’s next installment of “Closed System”; and more story illustration by both Mike and Joey Jordan.

Whew. 3 months. 64 pages. And 3 months to do it all over again. Issue #4 will bring new fiction from David Tallerman, Nick Mamatas, Erin Hoffman, and, of course, more. (Interviews with Mark L. Van Name, Clay and Susan Griffith, Lou Anders, John Claude Bemis, …) So why not just subscribe and not have to worry about missing anything? You know, you can still subscribe back-dated to issue #1…

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