The Third Bear Carnival very belatedly continues!

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The Third Bear Carnival very belatedly continues!

Posted on 2010-12-08 at 16:28 by montsamu

OK. The first of a couple of contests about to kick off before the Ides of December are upon us. Remember back in September, when Stephen Gordon (and Dan Campbell, sadly ineligible) posted some good ideas for how to give away 3 copies of Jeff VanderMeer’s The Third Bear as part of an even-then ridiculously late entry to Matthew Cheney’s The Third Bear Carnival. Stephen won a copy for his trouble, and has a chance to win another in time for holiday giving. (Sorry Dan, still ineligible.)

The Third Bear by Jeff VanderMeer

But there’s a catch: there’s only 2 copies available now! (Hey, I’m keeping one for myself. Executive decision. Contest runner’s rights. &c.)

So here’s the contest. Starting now (like: NOW!) send at most ONE e-mail to [contests at bullspec dot com] with the title “CONTEST: THIRD BEAR CARNIVAL” and the contents being a blurb-length (100-200 words) review for a nonexistent book, complete with book title and author, inspired (however broadly) by The Third Bear. Be creative, be funny, be surreal. 2 winners (chosen by me, the executive decider, &c.) get announced on the blog and copies of the book. Valid entries must include the name to whom to credit the review and a mailing address to which to send the book. And, sorry, it’s available only to where the deliciously inexpensive USPS media mail travels, so that’s the United States, its territories, bases, embassies, etc. But you know what? You can enter the contest from elsewhere, but if you win, you don’t get mailed the book. Fair enough? Yeah. Sorry about that.

Deadline is one week from NOW: Wednesday 15 December at high noon EST. Happy insanity!

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