Looking for a few good people.

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Looking for a few good people.

Posted on 2011-01-20 at 20:57 by montsamu

So. Thanks to Dan’s excellent job of completely taking over poetry, and Melinda’s amazing job of completely taking over advertising, I’ve had a few moments to actually think about what else needs doing around here. While that list is long, long, long, I’m ready to start the process of “filling out” the Bull Spec staff. Two right off the top which are big needs are Art Director and Digital Editions Editor. More after the jump.

What do I see an Art Director doing? Primarily: Taking a budget from me and getting cover art and story illustration. If it is someone who wants to get more hands-on with the layout (internal and/or cover), fonts, overall design, we can definitely talk. On the going deeper front, getting away from Scribus isn’t really an option (so that worst case I can take what’s there and work), so if you are married to Adobe it just probably won’t work out for us. But someone who can speak the language of artists and has an eye for covers and illustration… I need it. It’s not something I feel very good at, and I didn’t do nearly the job I wanted to do on it in issue #4 — too many stories left without illustrations. Somebody with a strong vision, even a complete redesign of what Bull Spec looks like for year 2, I’d like to talk.

What do I see a Digital Editions Editor doing? Taking the Scribus file (which has the final copy edits for text) and accompanying art for the issue and producing functional ePub and Kindle and similar versions, and uploading them to the various e-bookstores. It’s something I’ve needed to do since issue #1, and as more and more people are reading on their iPads, Nooks, Kindles, and other devices, the ship is about to sail without Bull Spec on board. This one is definitely more grunt work level, with none of the more fun “spend Sam’s money on art!” or cachet of the first item. I get that. Definitely can work out some kind of revenue sharing here, plus some small flat fee per issue, etc. Update: since I’ve been asked, ideally it would be somebody who’s already experienced in formatting for Smashwords, Kindle, Nook, etc. Or at least somebody with more time to play around with Sigil ePub authoring than I have!

On the horizon is a Podcast Director but the above are higher priority for me, and before I can take on getting any other projects off the ground, I need to either find people who want to help out with the above, or embrace doing it myself. Time will tell! If you are interested in the above, or know somebody I should beg, please let me know at sam at bullspec dot com. An incredibly, incredibly strong preference (if not outright requirement) for local folks.

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