Bull Spec local events e-mailing list: July 2011

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Bull Spec local events e-mailing list: July 2011

Posted on 2011-07-01 at 20:39 by montsamu

Vol. 1, No. 2, July 1, 2011:

Welcome to the July events and announcements newsletter from Bull Spec. Issue #5 still has a month left on newsstand shelves around the Triangle, with issue #6 hopefully arriving in time for the July 30 event at Fullsteam. As usual, it’s going to be close. Highlights below include a just-announced Terry Brooks appearance at Quail Ridge Books in September, and two events for tomorrow, Saturday, July 2.


NEW! 12: The last two of Lewis Shiner’s previously published novels, Say Goodbye and Slam, were released in the Subterranean Press “Definitive Edition” series. More info: http://www.lewisshiner.com/definitive.html

NEW! 15: Kij Johnson announced that Small Beer Press will be publishing a collection of her short stories sometime next year. Link: http://twitter.com/kijjohnson/status/80878763679817728

NEW! 2 (Saturday), 5-7 pm: Angi Shearstone launches issue #1 of her “fully painted” comic, BloodDreams, at Chapel Hill Comics on Franklin Street. Praised by Warren Ellis as “A beautifully monstrous punk vampire story, an urban fantasy 1977 rendered in a kaleidoscope of blood and toxins.” More info: http://www.chapelhillcomics.com/content/?p=1341

NEW! 2 (Saturday), 5-8 pm: Opening reception for a month-long show of the art and illustration of Jason Strutz at Pittsboro’s Davenport and Winkleperry, which includes the cover art for Bull Spec issues #3 and #4. More info: http://strutzillustration.com/art-show-this-saturday-at-davenport-winkleperry

NEW! 5: Local author new edition: a new David Drake omnibus Loose Cannon collects Drake’s two Tom Kelly technothrillers Skyripper and Fortress. From Baen. More info: http://www.amazon.com/Loose-Cannon-Tom-Kelly-Novels/dp/1439134502

NEW! 16 (Saturday): Ultimate Comics Prime hosts the writers and artists behind The Stuff of Legend as part of their NC Comicon Signing Series. More info: http://www.ultimatecomicsonline.com/?p=1291

19: Local author book release: David Drake’s The Books of the Elements series continues with Out of the Waters. From Tor Books. More info: http://david-drake.com/2010/out-of-the-waters/

NEW! 20: Local illustrator new edition: The Tommy Lee Edwards illustrated mini-series TURF comes in a hardcover collecting the series. More info:http://comicbuzz.com/claim-your-turf

NEW! 26: SC author book release: TC McCarthy’s debut military science fiction novel Germline. From Orbit. More info: http://www.hachettebookgroup.com/books_9780316179928.htm

NEW! 30 (Saturday): Durham’s Sci-Fi Genre Comics & Games celebrates its 5-year anniversary by openings its doors (and shelves) to local authors. More info: http://scifigenre.com/store/eventViewer.aspx?nEventID=1129

! 30 (Saturday), 7 pm (musical guests at 6 pm): Jeff and Ann VanderMeer, SJ Chambers, Ekaterina Sedia, Durham author Mur Lafferty, Greenville artist Scott Eagle, Winston-Salem writer Nadine Wilson, and a few surprises for the release of the VanderMeer co-edited anthology The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities, as well as to talk about the recently released book The Steampunk Bible. The musical guests are the Davenport sisters, the folks behind the weekly Steampunk radio show Clockwork Cabaret. More info: http://bullspec.blogspot.com/2011/05/cabinet-of-curiosities-literary.html

2: Local author book release: The Mark Van Name-edited anthology The Wild Side: Urban Fantasy with an Erotic Edge includes a story from Van Name as well as local contributor Gina Massel-Castater. From Baen. More info: http://www.webscription.net/p-1422-the-wild-side-urban-fantasy-with-an-erotic-edge-arc.aspx

15: Local author book release: Rebecca Rowe’s new science fiction novel Circle Tide to be released by EDGE Science Fiction.

27 (Saturday), 3 pm: Launch party for Hillsborough author John Claude Bemis’s closing book in his Clockwork Dark trilogy, The White City, at the Public Market House in downtown Hillsborough. More info: http://johnclaudebemis.com/2011/04/launch-party-for-the-white-city/

! 30 (Tuesday), 7 pm: Bestselling author of The Magicians, Lev Grossman, to be at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill on his tour in support of the sequel, The Magician King. More info: http://flyleafbooks.com/event/lev-grossman-reads-his-new-novel-magician-king

31: Local author book release: Lewis Shiner’s new novel Dark Tangos to be published by Subterranean Press. More info: http://www.subterraneanpress.com/index.php/2011/05/02/announcing-dark-tangos-by-lewis-shiner/

6: Local author book release: David Drake (with John Lambshead) starts a new SF space opera series with Into the Hinterlands. From Baen. More info: http://david-drake.com/2011/hinterlands/

NEW! 7 (Wednesday), 7:30 pm: Bestselling fantasy author Terry Brooks comes to Quail Ridge Books on his tour in support of his forthcoming Legends of Shannara book, The Measure of the Magic.

20: Local author book release: Pyr to publish The Rift Walker (Vampire Empire: Book 2) by Raleigh’s Clay and Susan Griffith. Sequel to last November’s The Greyfriar.

27: Local author book release: Random House Books for Young Readers to publish The Death of Yorik Mortwell by Durham’s Stephen Messer. More info: http://stephenmesser.com/?page_id=119

NEW! 1: Local author book release: John Kessel’s next anthology for Tachyon, Kafkaesque, collects “Stories Inspired by Franz Kafka”, including stories from JG Ballard, Terry Bisson, Borges, Paul Di Filippo, Jeffrey Ford, and more. More info: http://tachyonpublications.com/book/Kafkaesque.html

5-6 (Saturday and Sunday): NC Comicon at the Morrisville Outlet Mall. Also check out theirsummer signing series which has June 25 and July 16 events already scheduled.

15 (Tuesday), 7:30 pm: Raleigh’s Quail Ridge Books hosts Mary Doria Russell, author of The Sparrow, to present her latest novel Doc, a retelling of the life of “Doc” Holliday.

NEW! 3: Local author new edition: The David Drake onmibus Voyage Across the Stars collects his Hammer’s Slammers novels Cross the Stars and Voyage. From Baen. More info: http://www.baen.com/order_isbn.asp?isbn=9781451637717

13-15: New local SF convention illogiCon (January 13-15, 2012) in Raleigh with literary guest of honor Joe Haldeman. More info: http://illogicon.com/

31: Local author book release: Solaris Books to publish the first book in a new fantasy series from Hillsborough author James Maxey, which starts with Greatshadow.

MARCH 2012
2-4: StellarCon (March 2-4, 2012) in High Point with literary guest of honor Patrick Rothfuss. More info: http://stellarcon.org/

JUNE 2012
1-3: ConCarolinas (June 1-3, 2012) in Charlotte with writer guest of honor Jack McDevitt. More info: http://www.concarolinas.org/

21-24: ConTemporal (June 21-24, 2012) in Raleigh with literary guest of honor Cherie Priest. More info: http://contemporal.org/

A trio of forthcoming first novels from local authors without confirmed release dates:

  • Jay Requard: The Night from Apex-based Peak City Publishing, Summer 2011. “This new dark fantasy story takes place in Tarinthol, a world fueled by action, magic, intrigue, and dark plots.” More info: http://jayrequard.blogspot.com/
  • Natania Barron: Pilgrim of the Sky from Candlemark & Gleam, Fall 2011. “A novel that might be best described as mythpunk. With elements of fantasy, science fiction, Romantic poetry, steampunk, and multiverse theory, well, it isn’t exactly the sort of book that finds a comfortable little niche to sit in.” More info: http://pilgrimofthesky.com/
  • JL Hilton: Stellarnet Rebel from Carina Press, 2012. “A science fiction romantic thriller.” More info: http://jlhilton.com/stellarnet-rebel/


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