Last minute call for advertisers for issue 6.

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Last minute call for advertisers for issue 6.

Posted on 2011-07-08 at 1:56 by montsamu

Still haven’t sold the back cover ($200) or back inside cover ($100) for issue 6. Full color, 8.5x11. Publication date July 30, on newsstands until late fall. Final art due July 15. Contact [email protected] for details. Previous back covers have included Pyr, Tor, and Solaris. Also have black and white full page space at $50. Back cover is for books and conventions only, inside is more open. Thanks! Back inside cover runs opposite editorial.

More info: full page is really 8.75 x 11.125, with outside 0.125 the bleed area, and the next 0.125 not a good spot for important text or line art (machine cut might cut into the trim).

And yes, there’s an advertiser copy. Two for the back cover spot.

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