NC Comicon signing series: new event added!

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NC Comicon signing series: new event added!

Posted on 2011-08-01 at 19:2 by montsamu

I didn’t know about this one in time to make the August e-newsletter, but there’s going to be an absolutely great lineup of local comics creators (artists and writers galore!) toward the end of the month at Ultimate Comics:

Local Creator Spotlight!

August 27 Ultimate Comics welcomes a heap of local comics creators to showcase their work and talent. This event will take place at Ultimate Comics Farrington Rd. location from 11am-5pm. The proceeds from this event will go directly toward the NC Comicon Guest Fund, so come out and Support Your Local Convention!

Ultimate Comics Exclusive Turf HC
Tommy Lee Edwards

Turf, 1985, Bullet Points

Well known for his work at Marvel on such projects as Bullet Points andMarvel 1985, Tommy Lee Edwards is fresh off the first volume of his & Johnathan Ross’ Alien-Gangster-Vampire epic, TurfUltimate Comics will have an exclusive cover to the Turfhardcover available for the first time Aug 27! Get it Signed & Sketched!

Last Mortal #1
John Mahoney 
Last Mortal
Chronicling the misadventures of a small time criminal who discovers he cannot die (no matter how much he might want to), Last Mortal is a well crafted noir adventure debuting the writing talent of series co-creator John Mahoney. Come support this slick new series from Image!
Order of Dagonet
Firetower Studios
Jeremy Whitley - Writer
Jason Strutz - Artist
Order of Dagonet, Princeless  
Firetowers Studios brings us two fantastic series from writer Jeremy Whitley,Princeless and The Order Dagonet.Order artist Jason Strutz will also be on hand doing sketches! Firetower Studios now has an Order of Dagonet trade available, so you can get the pick up he whole run and get it signed!
Ehmm Theory
Lost Story Studios 
Brockton McKinney - Writer

EHMM Theory
Imagine everything you grew up believing was lie. Imagine your best friend was a talking cat with a penchant for bad movies. Imagine there is an entire world beyond the one you know and you just discovered you’re connected to it by blood. Welcome to Gabriel Ehmm’s world. Come meet local filmmaker Brockton McKinney and take a look at the art for the upcoming issue #2 of this diabolically awesome series.

Blood Dreams #1
Angi Shearstone
Writer, Artist

Blood Dreams

Angi has worked in children’s books with Mercer Mayer, in comics on Batman: Gotham County Line with Scott Hampton, collaborated with Mur Lafferty on Beyond the Storm: Shadows of the Big Easy, and otherwise has self-published a handful of comic book projects, two of which with Joe Sutliff Sanders. Her current project,Blood Dreams, is notable for Angi’s use of to fund publishing of the comic.
All of the signings will take place at Ultimate Comics Farrington Rd. location on Aug 27 from 11am-5pm.

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