A lot of random stuff.

In the spirit of “not enough time to even tell you what I’m going to tell you” some random stuff:

  • Issue 6 is in pretty much all the bookstores it goes to, but … sorry to the last couple of holdouts. It’s been a crazy few weeks for me.
  • I’m not quite sure what the final fiction lineup for issue 7 will be, but at least have settled on having Jason K. Chapman, Jason Erik Lundberg, and Ken Thompson in there. Others will remain to be seen.
  • I may actually run out of fiction before filling up issue 8. To remedy that, a couple of things, starting with taking a closer look at a couple of “man this is so close” rewrites that are time consuming but rewarding when it can work out.
  • THE BIG NEWS! Finally took the covers off of the Bull Spec: Year 3 Kickstarter campaign! With rewards ranging from goodies like t-shirts and pendants and freakin’ plasma-cut steel visors, to critiques from Kij Johnson, James Maxey, and Gray Rinehart, to original art, to … well, go check it out.
  • The other thing is that we’re ready to put a bit of a real line in the sand on something that’s a long time coming: we’re going to be opening for fiction submissions again on October 1.
OK. Enough randomness. Thanks for bearing with us for what has really been a FULL summer. Heck, a full YEAR already.
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