Closed to fiction submissions until (at least) Friday, January 13

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Closed to fiction submissions until (at least) Friday, January 13

Posted on 2011-12-09 at 5:18 by montsamu

If you e-mail a submission to [email protected] effective now, you’ll get the following auto reply:

Thank you for sending a story to Bull Spec, but we are currently closed to fiction submissions, as of 1 AM EST, Friday December 9, 2011. We may not have updated the website or notified Duotrope or Ralan’s, etc. but as we need to focus on reading and responding to the stories we have, we are returning this one unread. We hope to re-open to fiction submissions on Friday, January 13, 2012, but may remain closed longer depending on our reading progress. Thanks again for considering Bull Spec with a story, and we hope to hear from you again in future. 
If this is a query and it was erroneously detected as a story submission (for example, if it included an attachment) please e-mail [email protected] without an attachment with your query; if all else fails, please contact [email protected] directly and I’ll sort things out. 
Samuel Montgomery-Blinn, Publisher
Natania Barron and Eric Gregory, Fiction Editors
Sarah Rogers, Associate Fiction Editor
Bull Spec
Whew! We have a lot of reading to do over the next month, and I can’t thank Sarah enough for her coming aboard as one of our first readers. I also can’t thank all of the writers enough for all the submissions we get to settle in and read — I’m looking forward to it.

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