The Exploding Spaceship Reviews High-Opp by Frank Herbert

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The Exploding Spaceship Reviews High-Opp by Frank Herbert

Posted on 2013-07-24 at 5:47 by angelablackwell


Review of High-Opp by Frank Herbert (Wordfire Press, released April 5, 2012)

Wordfire Press has released a never-before-published story written by Frank Herbert, best-known for the Dune series of novels.

High-Opp is only 100 pages long, but that is all Frank Herbert needs to bring to frightening life a dystopian society with rigid class distinctions as well as total government control over food, housing, transportation and employment.

high opp sm

Daniel Movius, an upper mid-level office cog who has worked his way up, finds himself at the center of a turf war between different sections of the government, all of whom want to have total control over the society. At first he feels victimized, but then realizes what just one man can do if he has the right skills and a wide variety of connections.

The society Herbert depicts is a real horror story, but the characters are interesting and the plot, while convoluted, moves along briskly. Herbert’s superb descriptive ability makes the setting more real than writers of lesser skill could accomplish with twice the page count, and readers will come to care about the plight of Daniel Movius and his friends after only a few pages.

If you enjoyed the Dune novels or like a good dystopian story with an oppressed populace rising up in revolt, then High-Opp is a story for you.

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