The Exploding Spaceship Special Pre-Release Dragon Con Edition: Review of Torchwood Exodus Code by John and Carole E. Barrowman

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The Exploding Spaceship Special Pre-Release Dragon Con Edition: Review of Torchwood Exodus Code by John and Carole E. Barrowman

Posted on 2013-08-30 at 4:14 by angelablackwell


This book doesn’t release in the US until later in September but for those of you at Dragon Con, John and Carole have promised to have copies available so they can sign them. So go find them in the Walk of Fame!

Review of Torchwood Exodus Code By John and Carole E. Barrowman (US paperback Sept 24, 2013 UK Hardback Edition September 13, 2012, UK paperback August 15, 2013)

A new Captain Jack adventure written by the Captain himself along with his sister!

Captain Jack is trying to investigate why some women have been driven crazy by their senses. He tracks the problem to Peru where he experiences some fantastical landscapes and meets some very interesting characters. The first chapters are set in 1930s Peru and in Part One Jack’s story alternates between past and present. Jack has evidence of alien involvement but it is not clear exactly what is going on nor why.

Gwen appears in Part Two of the book, directly following an appearance by Rex at the end of Part One. Jack meets up with Gwen, Anwen and Rhys about a third of the way into the book in a very unexpected and violent way. Gwen had been trying to keep from becoming a victim of the female madness and she has discovered something in Cardiff which is alien and connected to Jack in some way.

Torchwood: Exodus Code (Paperback)

Eventually Jack is able to put some of the pieces together and solve the mystery which involves odd sensory input, a boat trip and some ancient Incan ideas. The Incan civilization is explored quite a bit in the book, with some views into older and modern ideas and how Jack fits into it somehow. This isn’t a culture which is a common background for books in English so it adds an even larger feel of mystery and magic to the book.

This is the best Torchwood book published to date, so if you are a Torchwood or Captain Jack fan then this is a must-read. If you aren’t familiar with the characters but like a good mystery, there is enough background in the book to figure out the cast of characters. There was a long delay in the release of this volume in the US, but hopefully the Barrowmans will be able to write more adventures for Captain Jack and the rest of Torchwood since we aren’t getting more on the TV.

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