Coming to Town: John and Carole Barrowman for NC Comicon

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Coming to Town: John and Carole Barrowman for NC Comicon

Posted on 2014-11-14 at 6:46 by angelablackwell


Article and Interview by Angela and Gerald Blackwell (The Exploding Spaceship)

This weekend, Nov 15th and 16th, NC Comicon is being held at the Durham Convention Center. Featured guests include John and Carole Barrowman, Tommy Lee Edwards, Neal Adams, and Sean Murphy. See the entire guest list and download a schedule at Some highlights of the schedule include a panel with John and Carole, the US premiere of a new Kung Fu Panda short, a Lego panel with the editor of BrickJournal magazine, artist portfolio reviews and a writing workshop with Carole.

Interview with John and Carole Barrowman

Both you and John have fans in North Carolina and we have wanted for years for you to attend an event here, so we are very happy that you are visiting NC Comicon. Is this your first trip to North Carolina for an author event or convention?

CB: We’re both looking forward to this con! When my children were small, my husband and I did a road trip through the Carolinas and up to Washington DC. It’s beautiful country.

JB: I’ve never been to the Raleigh/Durham area, but I’m looking forward to it, even if only for a quick in and out visit.

Book of Beasts UK cover 21570450

What is the US release date for Book of Beasts?

JB: Simon and Schuster will release the third book in our trilogy next year some time. Perhaps later in the summer. We don’t have an official date yet. The cover is amazing, though.

[See review of UK version pictured above here.]


For Carole: you are running a writing workshop at the NC Comicon. Can you tell us what kind of format the workshop will have? What is required to participate?

CB: Only thing required to attend is your imagination and a pencil and paper!

What other panel discussions will you be attending?

JB: Carole and I always have a panel together where she usually tells secrets about me…

CB: Like anything you do is a secret!


You have both been involved in several writing projects, including collaborating on a comic-book project with Tommy Lee Edwards, a North Carolina comic artist who is also attending the convention. Is there any chance that you might get to write an Arrow comic story featuring Malcolm Merlyn?

JB: Well, funny you should ask… something like that may be in our writing future and it may involve Tommy. Oh, and we will have a few limited copies of our comic “The Tale of the Selkie” for sale at our booth. It’s hard to find.

Are you planning to do anything other than attend the convention while in North Carolina?

CB: I wish we were, but we both have to get back right away to our day jobs. My students at Alverno are gearing up for finals.

JB: I’m filming Arrow so I’m gearing up for… well, you’ll have to tune in.

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