The Exploding Spaceship Reviews The Shootout Solution by Michael R. Underwood

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The Exploding Spaceship Reviews The Shootout Solution by Michael R. Underwood

Posted on 2015-11-17 at 7:9 by angelablackwell


Review of The Shootout Solution: Genrenauts Episode 1 by Michael R. Underwood (, November 17, 2015)

Leah Tang is trying to be a comedian, but her nerdy routine is unappreciated by just about everybody in the bar except a very intense black guy in a coat. He turns out to be so interested that he wants her help to repair nerdy stories. She gets to travel to an alternate reality which is like the old west.

She ends up having the adventure of a lifetime while trying to sort out why a western story has gone off the rails. Her methods are different but she gets the information needed to sort out the problem and manages to not shoot anything she shouldn’t with her guns. The adrenaline-rushing events of the western shootout make her realize that this is indeed the job for her.

shootout solution cover

In future episodes Your Humble Reviewers hope that she gets to use her fencing skills, and perhaps her own Asian features instead of a high-tech disguise. The overall feel of the setting is near-future Baltimore with some cool tech but with some differences. There are alternate-genre worlds which influence our world when things go badly (for example, we get mass shootings when the western world is off-story). Each alternate world has a different feel so the settings Leah could visit are endless.

We like nerdy Leah and were able to immediately identify with her. She should return for many more episodes!

Most of the novellas in this first batch from are fantasy, so more science fiction would be appreciated. This is humorous science fiction which is difficult to write but is pulled off very well here by Mike Underwood (who also writes humorous urban fantasy). We love the setting and the premise so bring us more Leah immediately!

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