BULL SPEC was founded in November 2009, and published its first issue in March 2010. While the goalposts move a bit, I’m trying to be a strong voice for Triangle- and North Carolina-area speculative fiction.

In print, Bull Spec is ISSN 2152-5234; Online, Bull Spec is ISSN 2152-5242.


  • Publisher: Samuel Montgomery-Blinn [sam (at) bullspec (dot) com]
  • Assistant Non-Fiction Editor: Jon Carroll Thomas


  • From the Other Side: Paul Kincaid


  • Advertising Manager: Melinda Thielbar
  • Fiction Editors: Natania Barron and Eric Gregory
  • Associate Fiction Editors: Sarah Rogers, Brenda Kalt, J.M. McDermott
  • Poetry Editor: Dan Campbell
  • Non-Fiction Editor: Alex Ward
  • Art Director: Gabriel Dunston


  • The Exploding Spaceship: Angela and Gerald Blackwell
  • The Negative Zone: Andrew Neal
  • Harry Tortilla: Anonymous
  • The Clockwork Pen: Joseph Giddings

4 Responses to About

  1. Savannah Jezowski says:

    When do you expect to reopen for submissions?

    • montsamu says:

      A (very) belated thanks for the interest, but I don’t know when or if that will happen. Sorry to not have a better answer, -Sam.

  2. Matt House says:

    Howdy. Enjoyed issues one and two tremendously. Can I possibly get a notification when submissions re-open?

    • montsamu says:

      Hey Matt, thanks for the kind words and interest. We don’t have any notification lists set up other than the monthly email newsletter, or just subscribing to new posts on the blog. I know that’s not ideal or what you’re looking for, but I at least wanted to answer the question. -Sam.

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