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BULL SPEC is now accepting subscriptions.

I’m finally at a point where I feel comfortable that I will be continuing the print magazine at the very least long enough to honor a 4-issue (a year, as BULL SPEC is quarterly) subscription. I didn’t want to open … Continue reading

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BULL SPEC #1 PDF available under a Creative Commons license at “pay what you want.” Yes, even $0.

It’s the way I wanted to do things from the beginning, and even though it is the result of an awful lot of work (and not a tiny amount of money) I’m putting my money where my mouth is when … Continue reading

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BULL SPEC is available at two new places.

The first is at the Chapel Hill location of Ultimate Comics, where I finally met owner Alan Gill and learned about as much as I could have hoped about the local comics scene. (For example, did you know that Cowboy … Continue reading

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A truly “diabolical” contest.

The writing blog Diabolical Plots is having a little contest to celebrate its hit counter rolling into five digits, and what better way to celebrate fun base-10-centric milestones than with a giveaway? So I sent David Steffen an extra copy … Continue reading

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More stores, nearer you. And starting to spill the beans on BULL SPEC #2 content. And other random assortments.

First, some store updates. BULL SPEC #1 found a home in two more area stores today, bringing the total to 10. Thanks to All Fun & Games in Apex and the wonderful, amazing, beautiful shrine to books that is Flyleaf … Continue reading

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Mail troubles.

Due to ongoing issues receiving e-mail directed addresses (including missed submissions without any failure message to the recipient!), I’ve changed to a new mail host. There will likely be some transition period while different DNS servers update, and I … Continue reading

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Some photos!

Over a hastily constructed and eaten sandwich for lunch, some photos posted onto the Bull Spec Facebook photo page: Going from proofing the first issue: To receiving the first shipment: To finding it in the store: I didn’t take a … Continue reading

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Available at a store near you: and getting nearer!

By Monday, Durham (The Regulator Bookshop, Sci-Fi Genre Comics & Games) and Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill Comics, Internationalist Books) had their first stack of copies in stock. Tuesday saw Raleigh get some BULL SPEC #1 love at Quail Ridge Books … Continue reading

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Shipping. Blurbage. Submissions status. Or: “It’s compressive, intelligent, and enlightening.” And open!

Well, I’ve printed a holiday greeting cards list number of shipping labels… but no UPS truck in sight. So a quick update on two topics. Blurbage! From Tim Deal of Shroud Publishing, on my interview of D. Harlan Wilson: “It’s … Continue reading

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BULL SPEC #1 Launch Party: Tuesday 23 March at 7 PM at The Regulator Bookshop

You are (well, everybody is!) cordially/enthusiastically invited to the BULL SPEC #1 launch party on Tuesday the 23rd of March at 7 PM! The host will be Durham’s The Regulator Bookshop on 9th Street. (720 Ninth Street to be exact.) So … Continue reading

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