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The Hardest Part: Piper Kessler on Frequency

Posted on 2015-04-17 at 15:3 by montsamu

On Thursday, April 23, 2015, Motorco will screen three seasons of the immensely popular lesbian sci-fi original series Frequency, which features cast, crew, and settings from the Triangle area. Fans will be treated to scenes and storylines from the first three seasons, including unreleased episodes from the current season (three) and exclusive content from the upcoming fourth season. The event will be emceed by Tracey and Matthew Coppedge of The Lowdown Show. Produced by KV Works, Frequency boasts over four

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The Hardest Part: Robert Creekmore on Afiri

Posted on 2015-03-04 at 19:10 by montsamu

North Carolina author Robert Creekmore's initially self-published his first novel Afiri through last year, but quickly withdrew it from commercial publication when he discovered that he could not make it continually available for free. After considering his options, in late February he elected to simply make the novel available as a PDF download from his website. With readers from North Carolina to Saudi Arabia, the move has paid off in more ways than one. Creekmore describes the novel as

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The Hardest Part: Uri Kurlianchik on Tales from an Israeli Storyteller

Posted on 2015-02-24 at 13:17 by montsamu

Israeli author and game designer Uri Kurlianchik was the first person with whom I had a Google audio chat, way back when we were discussing edits on his short story "The Sad Story of the Naga" in Bull Spec #2. (Or it might have been about his choose-your-own-adventure project I never figured out how to publish in a magazine?) Over the years now, I've enjoyed hearing his stories of teaching kids to play roleplaying games -- the foolish or genius things that "his" kids try both in and outside of the rules and

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The Hardest Part: John G. Hartness on Raising Hell

Posted on 2015-02-04 at 16:55 by montsamu

Charlotte author John G. Hartness is a larger-than-life figure in our world, so it's no surprise that his characters are bold, colorful, and (quite often) either from out of this world or dealing with the things that aren't. From his first novel The Chosen in 2010 to his "Bubba the Monster Hunter" and "Black Knight Chronicles" urban fantasy series, Hartness has a knack for giving a distinctive -- and usually southern and profane, and funny -- voice for his characters as well. For his new book, Raising Hell:

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The Hardest Part: Darin Kennedy on The Mussorgsky Riddle

Posted on 2015-01-22 at 19:0 by montsamu

Charlotte "doctor by day, novelist by night" Darin Kennedy's debut novel, The Mussorgsky Riddle, is squarely right up my alley. "The Great Gate of Kiev" (part of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition) is one of my favorite pieces of Russian symphony, and Kennedy turns the mythopoeity up to "11" combining music, paranormal mystery, and classical mythology in a heady, panpsychic mix. All set in Charlotte -- and the infinite mindscapes therein. Here, Kennedy writes about the hard part of discovering the first

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The Hardest Part: Stephanie Ricker on The Battle of Castle Nebula

Posted on 2015-01-07 at 20:48 by montsamu

I met Cary author Stephanie Ricker through publishing her story "Inseparables' War" in Bull Spec #7, and her reading of the story at a NC Speculative Fiction night event. I was very happy to see her have a story in the Rooglewood Press anthology Five Glass Slippers: A Collection of Cinderella Stories in June of 2014, and very excited when I learned that she would be continuing the universe of her story "A Cinder's Tale" in a novella series The Cendrillon Cycle. In December, Ricker published the first of

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The Hardest Part: Bridget Ladd on Ardent Ascension

Posted on 2015-01-06 at 15:16 by montsamu

I don't have too much of an intro for you this time as I've only almost met Raleigh author Bridget Ladd. I can tell you that she came to my attention by way of Bull Spec art director (and fellow ECU grad) Gabriel Dunston, and that her 2013 dystopian Steampunk debut novel The Lotus Effect has received (and continues to pick up) acclaim and readers and reviews, including being named a Cygnus Award Winner. (It's also available in a fantastic audiobook edition, narrated by Elizabeth Klett.) Last year, Ladd

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The Hardest Part: Michael Jasper on Finders, Inc.

Posted on 2014-12-10 at 16:12 by montsamu

I used to rely on (former) local author Michael Jasper to help manage magazine deliveries to Wake Forest's Story Teller Bookstore. Now that he's been living in Boone for a few years, I can only continue to rely on him for fantastic stories. The author of a fantastic collection (Gunning for the Buddha) and digital comic series (In Maps & Legends), novels of first contact sf (The Wannoshay Cycle) and contemporary fantasy (A Gathering of Doorways, which is excerpted in Bull Spec #1), a YA contemporary fantasy

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The Hardest Part: Jim C. Hines on The Prosekiller Chronicles: Rise of the Spider Goddess (An Annotated Novel)

Posted on 2014-12-03 at 13:0 by montsamu

"The Hardest Part" has traditionally been mostly a column for NC authors, with some Bull Spec "alumni" in the mix. Jim C. Hines is neither, but when I read about his plans to release this book I knew I had to ask him for a guest essay about it. I mean, c'mon. Don't we all want to see our fantasy author heroes' awful, derivative, early fantasy novels that they have had -- until now -- the sense to hide from the world? Lucky for us, rather than keep his own RPG character fiction novel closeted, Hines has

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The Hardest Part: F. Hampton Carmine on Abby and the Magic Key

Posted on 2014-11-25 at 17:57 by montsamu

Back in September, Raleigh author F. Hampton Carmine launched his new young reader / young adult novel with a reading at Wake Forest's Storyteller's Bookstore. "Abby and the Magic Key is a young adult magical romp through time and space with thirteen year old Abigail Stewart and her royal ancestor, Princess Elizabeth of Scotland. To mend their broken lives, these princesses, one lost to fear and privilege, the other lost to fear and neglect, find each other across time and space by way of a magic key and

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