Bull Spec #1

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Contents: (final, 72-pages, full-size, glossy, 20 of the pages in color)

[ published spring 2010: 15 march ]

Original short story (fantasy): “Rise Up” by C. S. Fuqua (with cover illustration by Mike Gallagher)
Original short story (science fiction): “Almost a Good Day to Go Outside” by Peter Wood (local)
Short story (steampunk): “Doctor Adderson’s Lens” by Natania Barron (local) (with photo by Tennille Heinonen)
Novel excerpt: “A Gathering of Doorways” by Michael Jasper (local)
Serialized short graphic novel (#1 of 4): “Closed System” by Mike Gallagher
Interview: D. Harlan Wilson
Interview: Lee Hammock (Lead Game Designer for Fallen Earth) (local)
Interview: SciFi Genre Comics & Games (local)
Review: Technologized Desire (by D. Harlan Wilson)
Review: Peckinpah (by D. Harlan Wilson) (review by J David Osborne)
Review: Panverse One (Panverse Publishing) (review by Charles Tan)
Review: The Windup Girl (by Paolo Bacigalupi) (review by Blue Tyson)
Essay: “There Are No Orcs” by Josh Whiton (local) translated into Spanish by Itzel Leaf and into French by Andrew Matte
Poetry by Kaolin Fire and Ralan Conley
Art by Jamie Keys and Christopher Woods
Cover Art by Mike Gallagher