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Contents: (final, 64-pages, full-size, glossy, 8 pages in color)

[ publication autumn 2010: 18 october ]

Contents: (cut and paste for now from layout…)

Cover Art
The Story of Listener and Yu-En Jason Strutz

4 The Story of Listener and Yu-En Lavie
8 Turning Back the Clock David Steffen
12 Cityscape Denali Hyatt
14 Like Parchment in the Fire Katherine
21 You.re Almost Here Melinda Thielbar

Graphic Short
31 Closed System Mike Gallagher part 3 of 4

24 The Legions of Fire David Drake . Excerpt;
     Review by Paul Kincaid; Interview by Samuel
     Montgomery-Blinn [smb]
38 Where I Write Joe Haldeman . Article by smb
42 Zero History William Gibson . Article by smb
44 The Way of Kings Brandon Sanderson .
     Article by smb
46 Fifteen Tachyon Publications . Article by smb
48 Greasing the Pan Paul T. Riddell . Review
     by Jeff VanderMeer; Interview by smb
52 The Order of Dagonet Firetower Studios:
     Jeremy Whitley and Jason Strutz . Interview by

36 Happenings
54 Reviews . Shades of Milk and Honey
     Mary Robinette Kowal . Review by Natania
     Barron; The Dervish House Ian McDonald .
     Review by Richard Dansky; The Cardinal.s
     Blades Pierre Pevel . Review by Richard
     Dansky; The Bird of the River Kage Baker
     . Review by Joseph Giddings
58 Poetry . Dolly Bone Dream and The
     Standing Stones Have Fallen, But the
     Debt Remains Deborah Walker; When I
     Grow Up David Sklar; Magnetic Moment
     Rob Elkind; Thread Head Matt Ronquillo;
     With a Chance of Sucking Vacuum and
     What the Poet Wrote After His Wife
     Put That Big Seed Pod Under His Bed
     Robert Laughlin
60 Trilingual Flash Fiction . Sand Natania
     Barron and A Crowded Place Paul Celmer
     . Translated into French by Gio Clairval and into
     Spanish by Itzel Leaf
62 Editorial . Mind the Newsstand

2 Pyr
11 North Carolina Literary Review
20 Durham Literacy Center
35 North Carolina SF Night
41 Featherproof Books
41 Speculative Literature Foundation
47 Tachyon Publications
57 Small Beer Press
63 Golden Gryphon
64 Tor Books

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