Bull Spec #4

PDF: Weightless Books


Contents: (final, 68-pages, full-size, glossy, 8 pages in color)

[ publication winter 2010-11: 30 december 2010]

Contents: (cut and paste for now from layout…)

Cover Art
Jet Packs! Jason Strutz

Fiction 4 Freedom Acres Andrew Magowan 12 O, Harvard Square! Nick Mamatas 16 The Burning Room David Tallerman 21 A Mathematician.s Apology Don Norum 24 City of Shadow and Glass Erin Hoffman 26 Tornado of Sparks James Maxey

Graphic Short 33 Closed System Mike Gallagher part 4 of 4

Features 32 Closed System Mike Gallagher :: Interview by Samuel Montgomery-Blinn 42 Pyr at Five & 100 Lou Anders :: Article and Interview by Samuel Montgomery-Blinn 50 Children No More Mark L. Van Name :: Excerpt; Essay and Interview by Dan Campbell 56 The Greyfriar Clay and Susan Griffith :: Review by Natania Barron; Article by Alex Granados 57 Pathfinder Orson Scott Card :: Article by Alex Granados

Departments 40 Happenings 58 Reviews :: Surface Detail Iain M. Banks by Patrick Ward; The Secret History of Fantasy Peter S. Beagle by Paul Kincaid; Sacred Space Douglas E. Cowan by Paul Kincaid; The Horns of Ruin Tim Akers by Joseph Giddings; The Strange Affair of Spring-Heeled Jack Mark Hodder by Joseph Giddings; The Way of Kings Brandon Sanderson by Richard Dansky; Stories Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio by Richard Dansky; The Universe in Miniature in Miniature Patrick Somerville by Jason Erik Lundberg 64 Poetry :: Masdevallia Mark Brandon Allen; Beastwoman’s Snarled Rune Rose Lemberg; Enchantment Jennifer McConnel; with the fisher on the lake Kaolin Fire; The Guardian at the Fountain of Eternal Youth Alexandra Seidel 66 Editorial :: The Year That Was & The Year to Come

Advertisements 2 Pyr 11 Tachyon Publications 20 Firetower Studios 23 Durham Literacy Center 25 Baen 38 Foundation’s Edge 39 StellarCon 67 Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing 68 Angi Shearstone’s BloodDreams