Submission Guidelines



FICTION: send a story (text, attachment, whatever) to: submissions at bullspec dot com and let us know: (1) where you are writing from as we try to keep some balance between local and global content; and (2) if it has been previously published, where and when. We prefer to receive submissions in a standard manuscript format such as William Shunn’s Proper Manuscript Format but we’re not terrifically picky. A word count is quite helpful as well. We do accept simultaneous submissions, just please let us know when your story is accepted elsewhere. We do not accept multiple submissions at this time. We’ll read from about 1000 words (soft edges) to 8000 words (soft edges) but my sweet spot is in the 2000-4000 word range.

  • What we’re looking for: amazing speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, slipstream, etc.) of any subgenre.
  • What we’d like to see more of: (1) near or further future science fiction with a more optimistic voice and picture of our shared future; (2) well-written non-contemporary fantasy. Note: We’re unlikely to like your story if it has significant amounts of graphic violence or sex, trebly so if it’s gratuitous.

POETRY: send a poem (text, attachment, whatever, as above) to: poetry-submissions at bullspec dot com and, as above, let us know: (1) where you are writing from; and (2) if it has been previously published, where and when. If sending multiple poems in one submission, please let us know if they are meant to be published as a set or individually. Please send no more than 3 poems at once. (Note: this will be updated shortly to point to a more expansive poetry guidelines post.)

PAYMENT: for all original poetry and fiction, advance payment is $0.05/word, $5 minimum for poetry, $50 minimum for fiction; for reprints, advance payment is $0.01/word, $1 minimum for poetry, $10 minimum for fiction; plus contributor copy of the issue. [Note: on July 1, 2014, payment will rise from $0.05/word to $0.06/word per SFWA guidelines.]

PERMISSIONS: Mainly, I’ll need to be able to print your story or poem in its magazine issue and include it in its magazine issue PDF. Not exclusive for long, exceptions made for the big stuff.

7 Responses to Submission Guidelines

  1. Mario says:

    Will you reopen for submissions this year? Are you still having the student writing contest froma couple of years ago?

    • montsamu says:

      Definitely not this year — and unfortunately the student writing contest kind of fell apart. Sorry on both counts, -Sam.

  2. Hi –
    I was really excited to find a fantasy mag based close to home! I noticed submissions have been closed for a while – any idea when they might open back up?

    • montsamu says:

      Thanks for the interest! Unfortunately I just don’t know when or if that will happen. Sorry not to have a better answer, -Sam.

  3. Bruce Newman says:

    When will your magazine be open for fiction submissions?

  4. Mario says:

    Hey, Sam.
    Are your submission departments still mothballed?

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