Less than a week to the issue #3 launch party! A video walkthrough! And some reviews of #3 are coming in.

Hey there! It’s less than a week to the issue #3 launch party at Chapel Hill’s Flyleaf Books. It’s a great lineup, with:

  1. Pittsboro science fiction and fantasy author David Drake, who is planning to read from next year’s Out of the Waters, sequel to The Legions of Fire, the first book in his new epic fantasy series, which was featured in the issue.
  2. Durham author Melinda Thielbar, who will read from her story “You’re Almost Here”, a first-person rip through a possible near future.
  3. Carrboro writer and illustrator team Jeremy Whitley and Jason Strutz, the story and art behind Firetower Studios and in particular The Order of Dagonet. They’re going to (seriously!) do a live comic book reading and illustration.
Secondly, a video walkthrough of issue #3 is now available for folks interested in having somebody else flip through and describe the issue’s contents:

Lastly, some reviews of issue #3 are trickling in:

  1. The Portal’s Alexandre Donald:http://sffportal.net/2010/10/bull-spec-issue-3-autumn-2010/
  2. SFRevu’s Sam Tomaino:http://www.sfrevu.com/php/Review-id.php?id=11424
That’s it for now…
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